80% Indians faced tech issues while working from home, study finds

Mumbai (News Today): Over 80% of Indians faced technical issues while working from home over the last few months, even as most of them said that they would prefer to work from home in the long term. While 90% said they have been productive while working from home, 30% said that they had put in longer hours. These are some of the key findings of a study by Limelight Networks, ‘Video Streaming is the New Norm for Work’, which studied the impact of Covid19 on companies and the role of video streaming infrastructure. Limelight Networks is an American content delivery networks services firm.

With travel restrictions and lockdowns imposed across the country, most Indians were working from home full-time. This required access to technology and strong network connections for the workforces to maintain productivity, retrieve and download files and collaborate with colleagues. However, working remotely has been challenging for around 4 in 10 (43%) Indian professionals, who felt that their company’s technical infrastructure was not fully prepared for the transition.

During this period, a majority of Indians (82%) also reported feeling frustrated due to network issues and latency – such as difficulties accessing the internet, uploading and downloading files, poor video quality when streaming webinars and live content, or lags and delays during video conference and calls. While work from home is far more productive, Indians feel that there are obstacles such as connectivity issues. Common obstacles to productivity where Indians are worse off compared to other countries in the region include internet connection issues (42%), social media and internet distractions (75%) and latency issues when streaming video content (50%).
“India has undergone an unprecedented digital transformation. With the work from home phenomenon gaining steam, companies based out of India have very few options but to invest in improving infrastructure to tackle latency issues. With more and more professionals preferring work from home, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) will be instrumental in improving online experiences for work and entertainment.” said Ashwin Rao, Regional Country Director – India at Limelight Networks. “In addition, the phenomenal growth of OTT content consumption is driving the demand for high quality viewing minimal latency.”

While 68% of Indians surveyed felt that technology was enabling communication with colleagues, 29% viewed it at as interim solution with a need to balance it with face to face interactions. The remaining 3% felt that technology could never measure to personal interactions. Over 90% respondents said that they were keen to continue to work from home, either occasionally or on a permanent basis. The “Video Streaming is the New Norm for Work” report is based on responses from 1,000 professionals across India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea who have worked from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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