District Collector, Khurda was directed to conduct inquiry against KIIT as per Citizenry Charge filed by Subas Mohaptra under Environment (Protection) Act, 1996



On 16.10.2017, Govt. of Odisha in Department of Environment and Forest has issued instruction to the District Collector, Khurda  to conduct an inquiry in consultation with State Pollution Control Board   as per section 19(b) ofEnvironment (Protection) Act, 1996 following  the allegation  and Citizenry charge  filed  by Dr. Subas Mohapatra dated 4.9.17 and initiate legal action  against KIIT/KISS.

Sri Mohapatra  has filed two Citizenry  charge  against  Kalinga Institute of Social Science ( KISS)  on 2nd Oct.17  and Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology ( KIIT) on 4th Oct.17.  Taking queue from the inquiry report released by Child  Welfare Committee, Khurda, a statutory body under Juvenile Justice ( care and protection of children) Act,, he has alleged that  though KISS is registered society, it has not yet registered   under Tribal Welfare Department nor under SC and ST Welfare Department. KISS has been threat to environmental crisis to the vicinity. The huge waste water and other pollutants from accommodation and production unit such as laundry, food processing, napkin production regularly  contribute to pollution and environmental threat. It has emerged as key source and factor behind environment pollution and continues to cause water and environment pollution in a large scale. KISS has posed environmental hazard to the vicinity  and affected land, water and air in the area.

Similarly, he has also alleged that KIIT runs programme all round the year and on several occasions  where thousands of participants  have been accommodating in the campus which has posed  serious threat to environment in the vicinity. The huge waste water  and other pollutants from accommodation, events and other allied programme continue to pollute water bodies  and cause severe sound pollution.

He has urged upon the State Govt. and  State Pollution Control Board to  make an inquiry and  take immediate measures to prevent further damage  to environment.


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