Fictitious Information about Number of Children in KISS Tribal School, Bhubaneswar , exposed under RTI

  • Achyut Samant claims of  more than 30,000 children reading in KISS Tribal School.
  • Secretary, KISS Tribal School  claims  of  25,000 children  in KISS School.
  • Office of DWO, Collectorate, Khurda supplied information about 18998 no. of children reading in KISS school.
  •  It  is heard  from some  reliable  sources  that  less  that 10,000  tribal  children are   studying  in KISS Tribal  school.

Which  is  Correct  information ? Who  will  authenticate it ?  This is the character  of Achyut Samant. He  is  seen  being habituated  to make  false  propaganda   about KISS School in media since last several years.

Every time, Sri Achyut Samant who   talks as Spokesperson of KIIT and KISS claims that more  than 30,000 tribal children are reading  in KISS Tribal  school. These children are  provided  free boarding, lodging  and education  free of cost. Whenever, RTI was filed  to KISS, Bhubaneswar  to get  information  about  number  of  children  staying in KISS tribal  hostel, the KISS  Authority denied  to  supply  the  information.  Then  on 4.1.19., RTI Application was  filed  to  three major  departments  of  Govt. of Odisha i.e., School and Mass Education Department, SC and ST Development Department, Women and Child development Department seeking  information  about  Number of Children Presently reading in KISS Tribal School, Patia, Bhubaneswar . As the said information was not available, all three Departments forwarded RTI Application to each other for supply  of information. At last on 19.1.19, the PIO of SC and ST   Development Department   forwarded same to PIO, office of District Welfare Officer to provide information.

On 19.2.19, the PIO, office  of DWO, Khurda  supplied  the  information stating  that total no. of 18998 ( from Class 1 to 10) were  reading  in KISS School. After going  through  this  information, doubt  is raised about  authenticity  of  information supplied by PIO vs  claim  of  Achyut Samant . Another  RTI Application dated 28.2.19 was  filed to the PIO, office  of DWO, Khurda  to  get the  information about source  of  information supplied  dt. 19.2.19 relating  to 18998 children reading in KISS school.

On 20.3.19, the PIO, office of DWO, Khurda  supplied the  following information.

  1. On 29.8.18, while  responding  to Assembly question UDAQ No. 159, the  Secretary, KISS Tribal  School  has  supplied  information to District welfare  Officer, Khurda  that “ More  than 25,000 students have been admitted in KISS , Bhubaneswar”.  State  Govt.  is supplying 750 quintal rice  at subsidized  cost of Rs. 5.65/- per  KG  for 5000 students.
  2. The  PIO  has  also  supplied  class-wise students’ strength ( both  boys and girls )  is  as follows ( 2017-18)
Class  Female Male Total
Class-I 443 363 806
Class-II 612 637 1249
Class-III 959 1138 2097
Class –IV 976 1379 2355
Class-V 871 1354 2225
Class-VI 1038 1610 2648
Class-VII 839 1300 2139
Class-VIII 848 1237 2085
Class-IX 701 1099 1800
Class-X 675 919 1594
Total 7962 11036 18998

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