Huge Corruption, Irregularities and Mismanagement of Fund for Hockey Cup Game is Noticed which is Covered up by Odisha Bureaucracy

Transparent Govt claimed  by Nabin Patnaik, Chief Minister, Odisha  is big  hoax, false and sheer deception.

  •  OMC  has sanctioned  Rs. 39 crore  to Hockey  India  on recommendation of Secretary-cum-Commissioner, Dept. of Sports and Youth Services. It is presumed  that  Film actors  have been paid  by  Hockey  India  from this  fund.

  • BDA, BMC  and  many  organizations  have been sanctioned   crores of rupees by OMC  for organizing different event during Hockey World Cup.

  • Dept. of  Sports  and Youth Services  have  not  supplied  any major  information about  Hockey World Cup, though 5 months  passed.  On 6.2.19., The PIO  has just  supplied  that  total amount of Rs. 82.50 crore has been budgeted  for  Hockey World Cup. Out of  budgeted  amount,  Rs. 5,02,89,559.00  has  been given as  advance  to different organisations. Copy of TOR  signed  with  these  organisations  for  different  work  is kept  secret.  The Dept. is silent  about  utilization of total  fund  due  to  huge misutilisation  and  corruption.

In 2018, State Government organized Hockey World Cup in Bhubaneswar with much fanfare taking a lot of credit for organizing such mega event in Bhubaneswar. RTI Application was   filed to different offices  mostly Department of Sports and Youth Services, Govt. of Odisha , a nodal department for organizing Hockey World Cup to understand  details of budget, expenses, events organized and correspondence made with Hockey event, contribution made by  corporate  houses  and others, details of fees  paid  to singers etc.  Though 5 months passed, the Department of Sports and Youth services, Govt. of Odisha , nodal  Department  for Hockey event   has not provided  information to all  information seekers.

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