Jual Oram slams Congress for opposing Farm Bills

Rourkela, News Today , 5th October 2020 : Sundargarh MP and chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence Jual Oram on Sunday hit out at the Congress for misleading the farmers on the agri reform laws.

Sundargarh MP Jual Oram. (File photo | EPS)

The former Union Minister said the Congress, in its 2019 election manifesto, had committed to do away with the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee Act but is now opposing it. Lauding the Modi Government for promulgation of the new farm laws, he said these moves allow farmers to sell their produce to the buyers of their choice anywhere in the country.Stating that the mandi system will remain functional, Jual said earlier FCI was authorised to stock food grains but now others too can stock it. He said with removal of certain restrictions, private firms can enter into agricultural marketing and offer good prices to the farmers. With fresh private investment, there would be improvement in agriculture infrastructure including storage and cold storage facilities.
On contract farming, the MP said it is already in practice in a few states where Congress is in power.

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