Livestock suffer from unidentified disease in Nayagarh

Ranpur:  An unknown disease affecting livestock in Nayagarh district has become a cause of concern among the farmers here.

A total of 10 cattle have died and about 500 more are suffering from this disease in the last 15 days at NAC and Ranpur block areas of this district.

According to local farmers, the animals initially develop blisters on their skin that lead to wounds after several days. These blisters initially come upon the joints of the front legs of the animals.  Eventually, they become immobile and part unconscious for a few days following which they die.

The farmers are also at a loss as to how to treat their cattle and manage to farm at the same time. They suspect it to be kind of pox.

That said, some of the cattle undergoing treatment at the veterinary center here have shown improvement.

Local veterinary officer Jagdish Mishra claimed to be aware of the issue and assured that the disease is curable. He has asked the farmers to seek the help from nearby livestock inspectors to get their domestic animals tested.

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