No Lady cop for Women Victims at Sahid Nagar Police Station

Bhubaneswar: Even though the state is witnessing a surfeit of women atrocity cases, the casual attitude of the police department in providing justice to the victims has become a cause of concern. This is evident from the fact that Sahid Nagar police station, one of the busiest police stations in the Capital city, doesn’t have a lady police officer who would listen to the women victims and register their plaints.

The state government had established Mahila and Sishu (women and child) Desks as per the order of the Supreme Court at every police station across the state including in the twin city of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar to deal with atrocity against women and children.

As per rules, a woman cop in the rank assistant sub-inspector (ASI) or sub-inspector (SI), who would be in charge of the Mahila and Sishu desk at the police station, should hear the complaints of the victims before formally registering her statement. The situation of these desks at several police stations in the City is pathetic while it is also found police stations are running without senior lady cops for years.

The Sahid Nagar police station, one of the most busy and sensitive police stations in the City, is running without any woman officer in the rank of ASIs or SIs after the transfer of the lady cop before the general elections held in April this year. Traumatised women victims, including rape victims, feel awkward while explaining the incidents that happened to them before the male officers. As per procedure, lady constables at the desk transfer the matters to senior officers in charge of DCO who happen to be male officers.

This is a clear violation of strictures issued by the apex court in a number of judgements.

Amidst this, what is more surprising is that the Bhubaneswar Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) is unaware of the absence of lady officers at Sahid Nagar police station.

DCP Anup Sahu said, “The lady officer deployed at the police station might have gone on leave. The women cops are required to record the statements of the lady victims only. There is no problem at the said police station as some lady officers from other departments are being deputed to record statements in sensitive cases.”

Meanwhile, the Inspector in-charge of Sahid Nagar police station said, “We are facing a lot of problems while dealing with cases related to violence against women. We have to wait for a lady officer from other departments who just comes to record the statement while a male officer is completing other formalities.”

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