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Uttar Pradesh, ( News Today) 23 September 2020 ,   India Need better Business Ecosystem
Indian Startup and SMEs need the correct environment to develop into organizations that can decidedly affect the economy and society. That is a major missing in the Indian ecosystem.


Only resources are not enough to grow you need support of expert, consultancy and professional help.Our Innovation-as-a-Service platform ERP 4.0  supports founders doing business in the remote economy-era. Discover how ERP 4.0 can support your Startup/SME from anywhere in the world. 

Let me break the fantasy that a ton of new businesses is an aid for the economy. They are definitely not. The genuine capability of enterprise can be achieved not by having such a large number of new companies however by guaranteeing that these new companies develop into sizeable organizations. What’s more, since not all new companies are deserving of development and size there ought to be welcome setbacks as well. Subsequently, a foundational perspective on the enterprise is expected to comprehend its effect on the economy.

HBF Direct limited under its new venture aims to provide the best ecosystem for Startups and SME’s across the world by providing complete Ecosystem support to help them reach their full potential starting from Idea stage and taking it to IPO stage. We have been actively engaged in tie-ups with Banking Organisations, Workspace Providers and Consultants.

Connect195 aim is to connect every entrepreneur with world 195 countries and develop a world largest business ecosystem which is viable and process-oriented. offers all the services and guidance that is required by entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals and help them avoid unnecessary expenses by providing many free services that are very much required by companies to become process-oriented and scale up accordingly. also acts as a mentor in an entrepreneur’s journey by providing training and support and connecting them with the right person whether in India or globally. It helps organizations solve problems, create value, accelerate growth and improve their performance.

Management consultants“Its not my job, its my responsibility to take my country ahead to achieve it’s economic goals. Me and my team focus on entrepreneurs to make their life easy and push them to achieve their goals which contributes to the economic development of the whole country.!”​-

Sachin k Sheoran – CEO & Founder of HBF Group

Our support program via

1. Connect world wide
Indian Startups & SMEs need to connect with worldwide entrepreneurs & Investors to scaleup their business. Connecting with these entrepreneurs open doors to more business options and scalability. (Extra Support: Free Company Registration, Free HRM & CRM Support, Training & Consulting, Office Solution in every city)

2. Fundraising Support

Govt & VC launch so many programs but still a lot of entrepreneurs never get benefited.
Connect195 will connect you and guide you to raise funding from VC/Banks/Incubators.

3. Consulting
Often at this point most Start-ups bet to differ is not taking an expert advice. Every Indian Entrepreneur needs consultants & expert to establish their business in a better way. Consultants bring their own methodologies or frameworks to guide a business and recommend how to achieve goals more effectively and efficiently.

4. Opportunities
A majority of Startups and SME in India are located in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. These Startups and SMEs do not have the access to the right kind of support like the Startups and SMEs get in the Tier 1 cities in India. We need an ecosystem that connects all these Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Startups and SMEs can also get access to the vast opportunities from other business ecosystem from different countries.

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